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Graham Norris

Graham Norris

Web Developer

Michel jacks age, Birthday facts and countdown:

Michel jacks age, Birthday facts and countdown:







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Graham Norris

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8 Years 12 Month 03 Days

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Web Developer

Gained fame as a member of the YouTube channels Carmen and Corey and The Pritchett Family. She and her husband Corey Pritchett Jr. have earned more than 4 million subscribers to the former channel, creating pranks, vlogs, challenges, and more Frederic Senger

41 Inches (104.14 cm) - 31 Inches (78.74 cm) - 17 Inches (43.18 cm) Meagan Conn  Meagan Conn

Height & Weight
Height (in Feet-Inches) 5 Feet 6 Inches
Height (in Centimeters) 170.688 cm
Weight (in Kilograms) 80.0 kg
Weight (in Pounds) 176 Ibs
Body Measurements
Measurements 44-31-14.5 Inches / 111.76-78.74-36.83 cm
Chest Size 44 Inches (111.76 cm)
Waist Size (Male) 14.5 Inches (36.83 cm)
Biceps Size 31 Inches (78.74 cm)