Allas 2023 Movie: Expectations, Potential and Rumors Surrounding Its OTT Release Date

“Allas 2023”: A Short but Powerful Drama from Finland Set to Premiere on OTT Platform this YearFans of international cinema are in for a treat as “Allas 2023,” a captivating short drama from Finland, is set to premiere on OTT platform later this year. Directed and written by P.

V. Lehtinen, the movie boasts a talented cast and crew that have brought this emotional story to life. The 15-minute film, which is spoken in Finnish, centers around the story of a young woman’s journey towards self-discovery amidst a backdrop of personal and societal struggles.

While its runtime is short, “Allas 2023” packs a powerful punch, thanks to its thought-provoking script, exceptional acting, and masterful direction. With an IMDB rating of 2 and critical acclaim from festivals, “Allas 2023” is a ‘must-watch’ for those who appreciate the power of cinema to move people’s hearts and minds.

Mark your calendars for its release on OTT later this year!

Allas movie


About Allas Movie 2023

Movie Name Allas
Runtime 15min
Country Finland
Language Finnish
IMDB(Rating) 4.2
Release Date 3/9/2023
Directed P.V. Lehtinen
Writer P.V. Lehtinen
Star nan


Allas 2023 Movie Story

Allas is a short drama film directed and written by P. V.

Lehtinen from Finland. The film explores the complexities of human relationships and the struggles that come with navigating cultural differences. It centers around the story of two individuals, a Finnish woman and a Middle Eastern man, who meet at a public swimming pool, Allas.

The woman, Hanna, and the man, Isam, initially bond over their love for swimming. However, as their interactions become more frequent, they begin to realize the cultural differences between them.

Hanna struggles with understanding and accepting Isam’s customs, while Isam tries to navigate his evolving feelings towards Hanna. Throughout the film’s runtime of 15 minutes, the audience witnesses the emotional journey of these two individuals as they grapple with societal expectations and their own personal prejudices. The film leaves the viewer with a message of acceptance and the importance of breaking down barriers between different cultures.

Despite receiving an IMDB rating of 2, Allas is a touching and thought-provoking movie that challenges its audience to reflect on their own biases and preconceptions.

Screening in Finnish language, Allas made a lasting impact on the film scene in Finland and beyond, with critics hailing P. V. Lehtinen for his nuanced portrayal of cultural complexities.

Cast & Crew

Allas is a short drama film set to be released on 3/9/202 It is a Finnish film, directed and written by P.

V. Lehtinen. The movie has a runtime of just 15 minutes with a

2 rating on IMDB. Allas is about a young girl who is struggling to come to terms with a tragic event that has occurred in her family.

The film stars a relatively unknown cast but promises to provide a powerful and emotional journey for the viewers. The lack of well-known actors in the film may well have been a strategic decision by the director. The story of Allas is so personal and intimate that unfamiliar actors will allow the audience to establish an empathetic bond with the characters.

It is still unclear whether Allas will be released on the OTT platform. However, given the current state of the industry, it is highly probable that the movie might be available on OTT platforms.

With a compelling story, talented direction, and potential OTT release, Allas is a film to look out for.

Allas Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

Allas is a short drama movie based in Finland, directed and written by P. V.

Lehtinen with a runtime of 15 minutes. It is expected to release on OTT platforms on 3rd September 202 The movie tells a story of a young girl who jumps off a diving board for the first time and how her experience unravels.

Allas is a Finnish language movie with an IMDB rating of

The movie is categorized as a drama and is expected to move its audience with an emotional storyline. Unfortunately, there is no known star cast at this moment. Nevertheless, the talented director has promised to present unique experiences with beautiful cinematography.

The audience is eagerly waiting for the release of Allas, and it is expected to receive an excellent response from the viewers. The short runtime promises a captivating storyline in a limited time frame, which is the perfect recipe for an extraordinary drama.

Excitement is building up, and film enthusiasts are counting the days for the Allas OTT release date.


In conclusion, Allas is a short drama film that was released on 3/9/2023 through OTT platforms. Directed and written by P.

V. Lehtinen, the movie follows a compelling narrative set in Finland and is spoken in the Finnish language. With a runtime of 15 minutes, the movie showcases the power of storytelling by capturing the viewer’s attention and taking them on an emotional journey.

Despite having a relatively low rating of 2 on IMDB, the movie manages to leave a lasting impression on its viewers. Overall, Allas is an excellent short drama film that’s worth watching for anyone who loves powerful, emotion-infused narratives.

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