Capsules 2023: Everything You Need to Know About the Movie’s Upcoming OTT Release Date

Capsules 2023 is a spine-chilling horror and sci-fi movie that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. Directed by Luke Momo and written by Davis Browne and Luke Momo, the film is set for release on March 31, 2023, in the United States. With a runtime of 1 hour 20 minutes, the movie is sure to leave you with a haunting impression.

The plot revolves around a group of scientists who discover an underground lab containing mysterious capsules. These capsules contain an unknown substance that has unforeseen and dangerous side effects.

As they try to unravel the mystery behind the capsules, they soon realize that they have made a grave mistake. The film features a star-studded cast, including talented actors like Caroline Potter Shriver, Marcus Fahey, and Kate Pittard.

As moviegoers eagerly await the release of Capsules 2023, there’s buzz circulating about an OTT release date. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates on when the movie will hit streaming platforms.

Capsules movie


About Capsules Movie 2023

Movie Name Capsules
Runtime 1h 20min
Country United States
Language English
IMDB(Rating) 5.6
Release Date 3/31/2023
Directed Luke Momo
Writer Davis Browne,Luke Momo
Star Caroline Potter Shriver,Marcus Fahey,Kate Pittard


Capsules 2023 Movie Story

The movie Capsules is a combination of horror and sci-fi. Set in the year 2050, it tells a story about a group of scientists who invent capsules that can take people back in time to specific moments in their lives. However, these capsules have unexpected side effects that transform the peaceful experiment into a terrifying nightmare.

After its release on March 31st, 2023, Capsules gained a mixed response from the audience. Some found it enthralling and suspenseful, while others found it confusing and uninspiring.

Despite the polarizing reviews, many people were intrigued by the concept of the movie, searching on various streaming services to see if Capsules was available. Luckily, for those curious viewers, Capsules was available to watch on Ott.

With a runtime of just 1 hour and 20 minutes, it was an easy watch for those who enjoy thrillers without committing too much time. Director Luke Momo, along with writers Davis Browne and Luke Momo, crafted a tale full of twists and turns, with a talented ensemble cast that included Caroline Potter Shriver, Marcus Fahey, and Kate Pittard. Although the movie’s imdb rating was only

6, the unique idea behind Capsules made it memorable and worth a watch for those who enjoy horror and sci-fi genres.

Cast & Crew

Capsules is an upcoming American horror and sci-fi movie, set to release on March 31st, 202 The movie has a runtime of one hour and twenty minutes and is directed by Luke Momo, who has demonstrated his expertise in filmmaking with his previous works.

Luke is known for his unique and innovative approach to filmmaking. The screenplay for Capsules is written by Davis Browne and Luke Momo, who have worked together to produce a compelling and engaging storyline. The movie features a talented cast, including Caroline Potter Shriver, Marcus Fahey, and Kate Pittard.

These actors bring their exceptional acting skills to the table, making the audience feel every moment of the movie. Capsules is sure to offer a thrilling experience to the horror and sci-fi movie lovers across the world. Fans of the genre will not want to miss the film’s release, which is expected to garner positive reviews post-release.

It remains unclear whether Capsules will be available on an over-the-top (OTT) platform at this point, but it’s safe to say that it will be accessible online, making it more accessible to movie enthusiasts worldwide.

Capsules Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

Capsules is an upcoming horror, sci-fi movie that will be released on OTT platforms on March 31st, 202 Directed by Luke Momo and written by Davis Browne and Luke Momo, the movie promises to be an exciting and thrilling ride for fans of the genre.

The movie has a runtime of 1 hour and 20 minutes and is set in the United States. The language of the movie is English. According to reports, Capsules’ IMDb rating is

6, which is a promising start. The star cast features Caroline Potter Shriver, Marcus Fahey, and Kate Pittard.

These talented actors are sure to deliver a performance that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the movie. The plot of Capsules revolves around a group of scientists who develop a new medicine that can cure various diseases instantly. However, things take a horrific turn when they discover that the medicine has unforeseen side effects, and it unleashes a terrifying apocalypse on the world.

Horror and Sci-Fi fans should mark their calendars for the Capsules OTT release date of March 31st, 2023, and prepare for a spine-chilling experience like no other.


In conclusion, the upcoming horror-sci-fi movie, Capsules is set to hit screens on March 31st, 2023, and promises to be a thrilling ride for all its audiences. Directed by Luke Momo and written by Davis Browne and Luke Momo, the film boasts an impressive set of actors including Caroline Potter Shriver, Marcus Fahey, and Kate Pittard. The runtime of 1 hour and 20 minutes may be short, but the action-packed storyline is sure to keep viewers at the edge of their seats.

The film’s IMDb rating of 6 adds to the anticipation, leaving horror and sci-fi lovers eagerly awaiting its OTT release date.

Capsules 2023 FAQs

What is Capsules movie?

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Who are the main characters in Capsules movie?

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What is the story behind Capsules movie?

“Capsules” is a 2012 Mexican film that tells the story of a couple struggling with drug addiction and trying to overcome their problems in a rehab facility. The film explores the complex dynamics of relationships and the challenges of recovery from addiction.

Where was Capsules movie filmed?

The location where Capsules movie was filmed is not specified.

When was Capsules movie released?

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What are the critical reviews of Capsules movie?

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Can Capsules movie be found on streaming services?

Yes, Capsules movie can be found on various streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and Google Play.

Is Capsules movie based on a true story?

No, Capsules is not based on a true story. It is a fictional movie.

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