Der Maler (Painter) 2023 Movie: Everything You Need to Know About the OTT Release Date

Der Maler (Painter) is a documentary film directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, set to release on March 16, 202 The film explores the life and work of celebrated German painter, Albert Oehlen. The documentary features interviews with Oehlen himself, as well as his friends and contemporaries, such as Ben Becker, Gudrun Gut, and Charlotte Rampling.

The 1 hour and 34 minutes long film was shot in Germany and Switzerland, and is entirely in the German language. Despite its limited release, the film has received a

3 rating on IMDB, making it a highly anticipated documentary among art enthusiasts. Der Maler (Painter) is a captivating exploration of a genius and his work.

As the world continues to embrace and celebrate the art world, this documentary is set to make waves and leave a lasting impact. The film is set to release on OTT soon after its release in theatres, allowing fans from across the world to enjoy the artistry of Albert Oehlen.

Der Maler (Painter) movie


About Der Maler (Painter) Movie 2023

Movie Name Der Maler (Painter)
Runtime 1h 34min
Country Germany,Switzerland
Language German
IMDB(Rating) 6.3
Release Date 3/16/2023
Directed Oliver Hirschbiegel
Writer Ben Becker,Albert Oehlen
Star Ben Becker,Gudrun Gut,Charlotte Rampling


Der Maler (Painter) 2023 Movie Story

Der Maler (Painter) is a gripping documentary film that chronicles the life and work of renowned German artist Albert Oehlen. Directed by the talented Oliver Hirschbiegel, the film takes viewers on a journey through Oehlen’s career, showcasing his unique artistic style and exploring the themes that inspire his creative output. The film features interviews with Oehlen himself, as well as insightful commentary from his peers and critics in the art world.

It also presents a behind-the-scenes look at Oehlen’s creative process, giving viewers a firsthand view of his studio and techniques. Featuring a star-studded cast including Ben Becker, Gudrun Gut, and Charlotte Rampling, Der Maler (Painter) has received critical acclaim for its unflinching look at the life of an artist.

With a runtime of 1h 34min, the film is a must-watch for anyone interested in the art world or looking for an inspiring story about creative passion. Whether you’re a die-hard art aficionado or simply a curious viewer, Der Maler (Painter) is a film that is sure to captivate and inspire. So be sure to mark your calendars for its release on 3/16/2023 and check out whether it’s available on Ott or not.

Cast & Crew

Der Maler (Painter) is a German-Swiss documentary film directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, featuring an all-star cast of talented individuals. The movie revolves around the life and works of the renowned German artist Albert Oehlen, known for his avant-garde approach to painting. The crew behind the film is a talented and experienced group, with Oliver Hirschbiegel leading the way as the director.

Hirschbiegel is known for his previous work in the film industry, having directed films such as Downfall and The Experiment. The writers of the film are Ben Becker and Albert Oehlen, who bring a unique perspective on the artist’s life and work.

The film boasts a star-studded cast, with Ben Becker playing an important role in the film. Gudrun Gut and Charlotte Rampling also feature prominently in the film, adding to the movie’s already impressive chemistry.

As of now, it is unclear whether Der Maler (Painter) will be available on an over-the-top (OTT) platform. However, fans of the documentary are eagerly awaiting the film’s release on March 16th, 2023, when it will be screened in cinemas in Germany and Switzerland.

Der Maler (Painter) Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

The highly anticipated documentary film “Der Maler (Painter)” is set to release on OTT platforms on March 16, 202 The film, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, explores the life and work of the German artist Albert Oehlen, with narration by co-writer and actor Ben Becker. Running at a length of 1 hour and 34 minutes, “Der Maler (Painter)” is a visually stunning journey through Oehlen’s creative process, featuring interviews with fellow artists and collaborators such as Gudrun Gut and Charlotte Rampling.

The film is a joint production between Germany and Switzerland, with the majority of the dialogue in German. Despite mixed reviews with a

3 Imdb rating, “Der Maler (Painter)” has generated buzz in the art world due to Oehlen’s reputation and the unique approach of director Hirschbiegel. Fans of art documentaries will not want to miss the opportunity to see “Der Maler (Painter)” on OTT platforms in March 202


In conclusion, Der Maler (Painter) is a documentary film that follows the life and work of painter Albert Oehlen. The movie explores his artistic journey, from the inspirations that drive him, to the techniques he uses to create his masterpieces. It is a captivating film that sheds light on the life of a great artist and his unique approach to the world of painting.

Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel and written by Ben Becker and Albert Oehlen, the movie features an all-star cast, including Ben Becker, Gudrun Gut, and Charlotte Rampling. It is set for release on 3/16/2023 and promises to be an inspiring journey for any lover of art.

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