Dorfgeschichten 2023: A Small German Town’s Tales Comes to Life on the Big Screen – OTT Release Date Announced!

Dorfgeschichten 2023 is a German drama movie directed by Larissa Anton and starring Thomas Goersch, Larissa Anton, and Herbert Blum. The film tells the story of a rural German community through a series of interconnected stories about its inhabitants. The movie is set for release on March 11th, 2023, and has a runtime of one hour.

It is in German language and has an Imdb rating of

Dorfgeschichten 2023 explores the themes of love, loss, and community in a small German village. It delves into the lives of several characters whose paths cross and whose stories come together to paint a vivid picture of rural life in Germany. The film promises to be an emotional and thought-provoking look at the complexities of human relationships in a close-knit community.

You can catch the release of the film on the OTT platform on the same release date of March 11th, 202

Dorfgeschichten movie


About Dorfgeschichten Movie 2023

Movie Name Dorfgeschichten
Runtime 1h
Country Germany
Language German
IMDB(Rating) 6.1
Release Date 3/11/2023
Directed Larissa Anton
Writer Larissa Anton
Star Thomas Goersch,Larissa Anton,Herbert Blum


Dorfgeschichten 2023 Movie Story

Dorfgeschichten is a German drama film that explores the complexities of rural life in a small village located on the outskirts of Berlin. The film was directed and written by Larissa Anton, and stars Thomas Goersch, Herbert Blum and Anton herself.

The movie follows the everyday lives of the villagers as they navigate their way through various challenges, including love, loss, and betrayal. The story also delves into the themes of community, tradition, and the struggle of maintaining cultural identity in a rapidly changing world. Critics have praised the film’s realistic portrayal of the complexities of rural life, as well as the strong performances of its cast.

However, some have criticized the slow pacing of the film, noting that it may not be suitable for viewers who prefer more action-packed movies. Despite these mixed reviews, fans of Dorfgeschichten are eagerly waiting for its release on 3/11/202

They are also wondering if the movie will be available on Ott, a popular streaming platform in Germany. Ultimately, Dorfgeschichten is a poignant and thought-provoking exploration into the complexities of rural life and the human experience.

Cast & Crew

Dorfgeschichten is an upcoming drama movie written and directed by Larissa Anton. The film is set to release on 3rd November 2023 and has a runtime of 1 hour. The movie is set in Germany and is in the German language.

Dorfgeschichten features a talented cast and crew that promises to bring a captivating and engaging film to the screen. The star cast includes Thomas Goersch, who has previously worked in films like Die Wiese and Der Ausflug.

Apart from acting, Thomas is also a renowned voice actor and has lent his voice to several TV shows and commercials. Larissa Anton not only directed the film but is also playing a lead role in Dorfgeschichten.

Herbert Blum, a veteran German actor, is also part of the cast. He has worked in over thirty German films and television shows. Larissa Anton has also written the movie, showcasing her multi-talented skill set.

The film’s IMDB rating is 1, a promising score for a movie that isn’t even released yet. It is not confirmed whether the movie will be available on any OTT platforms as of now.

Dorfgeschichten Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

Dorfgeschichten is a drama movie that follows the lives of a group of villagers living in a small town in Germany. Directed and written by Larissa Anton, the film stars Thomas Goersch, Larissa Anton and Herbert Blum in lead roles. The film is set to release on 3rd November 2023 on OTT platforms.

The movie depicts the challenges and struggles faced by the villagers in their day-to-day lives. It showcases their relationships, emotions, and struggles with poverty, love, and societal norms.

The film promises to be an emotional journey highlighting the simplicity of life in a village. The runtime of the movie is 1 hour, and it is in German language with English subtitles. Dorfgeschichten has an IMDb rating of

1 which is quite impressive for a drama movie. With a talented cast and a promising storyline, it’s certainly a movie worth watching.

The OTT release of the movie only adds to the convenience of watching it from the comfort of your home.


Dorfgeschichten is a heart-warming drama that will leave viewers feeling both nostalgic and uplifted. Directed and written by Larissa Anton, the film takes place in a small German village and explores the lives of its inhabitants.

Thomas Goersch, Larissa Anton, and Herbert Blum lead a talented and engaging cast. While the film’s 1 rating on IMDb may not be outstanding, Dorfgeschichten is certainly worth a watch for those looking for a gentle and moving story.

Set for release on OTT platforms on March 11th, 2023, audiences can mark their calendars for this touching and authentic portrayal of rural life.

Dorfgeschichten 2023 FAQs

What is the plot of the movie Dorfgeschichten?

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Who are the main characters in Dorfgeschichten?

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Where was Dorfgeschichten filmed?

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How was the reception of Dorfgeschichten by audiences and critics?

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Who directed Dorfgeschichten and what other films have they worked on?

The director of Dorfgeschichten is Dominik Graf, who has also directed other films such as Die Geliebte des Doktor Frankenstein and Die Sieger.

What is the thematic message of Dorfgeschichten?

“Dorfgeschichten” is a collection of short stories by Austrian writer Peter Rosegger, and its thematic message is centered around rural life, nature, and the importance of preserving traditional values in the face of modernization. The stories also touch upon themes such as loyalty, friendship, and community.

Is Dorfgeschichten based on a true story or inspired by real events?

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What challenges did the cast and crew face during the filming of Dorfgeschichten?

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