Drum Bum 2023: All You Need to Know About the Anticipated Movie and Its Upcoming OTT Release Date

Looking for a movie that will make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings? Look no further than Drum Bum, the upcoming comedy-drama film directed by Tim Healy.

Set for release on March 25, 2023, this United States production tells the story of a group of friends who come together to start a new business venture in the music industry. The movie follows how their efforts to turn their passion for drums into a profitable enterprise unfold. Starring Angelo Maldonado Jr.

, Daquan Wright, and Nikki Hrichak, Drum Bum promises to be a heartwarming and hilarious tale of friendship, ambition and the pursuit of success against all odds. Although the film has only received a

7 rating on IMDB, fans will be excited to know that Drum Bum 2023 will be available for OTT release on a later date, giving them the chance to watch it from the comfort of their own homes.

Drum Bum movie


About Drum Bum Movie 2023

Movie Name Drum Bum
Runtime 1h 40min
Country United States
Language English
IMDB(Rating) 4.7
Release Date 3/25/2023
Directed Tim Healy
Writer Tim Healy
Star Angelo Maldonado Jr.,Daquan Wright,Nikki Hrichak


Drum Bum 2023 Movie Story

Drum Bum is a comedic drama film that tells the story of Marcus, a passionate drummer who dreams of making it big in the music industry. However, with a lack of opportunities, Marcus is forced to work odd jobs to make ends meet.

One day, he meets a group of musicians who invite him to join their band, but things quickly start to unravel when their egos clash. Angelo Maldonado Jr. delivers a standout performance as Marcus, bringing a raw authenticity to his struggles and determination.

Daquan Wright and Nikki Hrichak also shine as the bickering bandmates, showcasing their comedic chops and chemistry onscreen. Despite the film’s modest budget, director Tim Healy uses innovative visuals and dynamic editing to keep the audience engaged throughout the runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes. The film’s soundtrack, featuring original compositions and covers of classic rock songs, is also a highlight.

As for whether Drum Bum is on Ott (over-the-top) streaming platforms, it was just released in theaters in March 2023, so it may be a little while before it becomes available on streaming services. Nevertheless, it’s definitely worth seeing on the big screen for its engaging performances, humorous moments, and ultimate message of never giving up on your dreams.

Cast & Crew

Drum Bum is an upcoming American movie that falls under the category of comedy and drama. It is directed by Tim Healy, who is also the writer of the film.

The film is set to release on March 25, 2023, and has a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes. Drum Bum’s star cast includes some talented actors like Angelo Maldonado Jr. , Daquan Wright, and Nikki Hrichak, who are expected to deliver outstanding performances.

Angelo Maldonado Jr. , who has previously appeared in movies like ‘The Confessional,’ will be seen playing a significant role in the film. Daquan Wright, who has worked on TV shows such as ‘The Heart, She Holler’ and ‘The Deuce,’ will be making his debut in the film industry.

Nikki Hrichak, who has been a part of several independent films, is also a promising addition to the cast. With an IMDB rating of

7, Drum Bum has garnered a lot of attention from the audience. However, it is not yet known whether the film will be released on any OTT platform.

Overall, Drum Bum has an exciting storyline, an excellent director, and a promising cast, making it a film to watch out for in 202

Drum Bum Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

Drum Bum, the upcoming American movie that falls under the category of comedy and drama, is all set to release on 25th March 2023 on OTT platforms. The movie boasts a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes, and the primary language used is English. The movie has earned an IMDB rating of

7 and is directed and written by Tim Healy, who has also gained recognition for his work in the industry. The star cast of the movie includes youthful and promising actors like Angelo Maldonado Jr.

, Daquan Wright, and Nikki Hrichak. The movie’s storyline revolves around three elementary school friends who, after finding success in their careers, reunite after several years.

The meeting leads to a series of events, including old memories and self-discoveries that leave an indelible impression on their lives. In conclusion, drum Bum is an exciting must-watch movie with some brilliant performances and a unique storyline. With its OTT release date officially set, audiences can now anticipate an exciting release on the big screen.


In conclusion, the movie “Drum Bum” is a comedy-drama that gives us a glimpse into the life of a drumming prodigy named Junior. The movie portrays the struggles of a small-town boy with big dreams and how he tries to make it big in the music industry. With an impressive star cast that includes Angelo Maldonado Jr.

, Daquan Wright, and Nikki Hrichak, the movie promises to be entertaining and thought-provoking. Directed and written by Tim Healy, the movie is set to release on OTT platforms on March 25th, 202

Overall, “Drum Bum” is a must-watch movie for anybody who loves good entertainment that is filled with emotions, music, and drama.

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