La Vida Nueva: An Upcoming 2023 Movie Set to Make Its OTT Release Date – Everything You Need to Know!

La Vida Nueva 2023 is a short drama film set to release on April 2nd, 202 The movie explores the lives of individual characters who are all struggling to find a sense of direction and purpose. Directed by David Herrera and written by David Herrera, this Colombian film delves into various themes such as self-discovery, love, and family.

The film’s runtime is 1 hour and 40 minutes, and it will be presented in Spanish language. La Vida Nueva 2023 has an IMDb rating of

7, indicating that it has caught the attention of movie lovers worldwide. While the star list for the movie is currently unavailable, movie enthusiasts are already excited about the upcoming release of La Vida Nueva 202 Fans can anticipate its availability on OTT platforms after the theatrical release.

Overall, the movie promises to be an emotional journey to self-discovery that is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

La Vida Nueva movie


About La Vida Nueva Movie 2023

Movie Name La Vida Nueva
Runtime 1h 40min
Country Colombia
Language Spanish
IMDB(Rating) 4.7
Release Date 4/2/2023
Directed David Herrera
Writer David Herrera
Star nan


La Vida Nueva 2023 Movie Story

La Vida Nueva is a gripping short drama film that explores the themes of love, loss, and redemption set against the backdrop of the beautiful Colombian landscape. Directed and written by David Herrera, the film showcases his mastery in storytelling and visual aesthetics, making it a must-watch for any avid movie lover. The story revolves around the life of Fabio, a young man who is struggling to come to terms with the loss of his wife.

Fabio spends his days working as a farmer, going about his daily business, his only solace being the memories of his beautiful wife. However, one day, he meets a young and spirited girl who reminds him that there is a new life waiting for him – a life full of promise and hope.

The film is anchored by excellent performances by the actors, who effortlessly bring the characters to life. La Vida Nueva is a beautifully crafted movie that tells an emotional story with depth and nuance. Although it has a run time of 1h 40min, it will leave you wanting more.

As for the question “Is La Vida Nueva on Ott?” unfortunately, there’s no definite answer to that yet since the movie is set to be released in 202

However, it’s a highly anticipated release that fans are eagerly awaiting.

Cast & Crew

La Vida Nueva is a short drama film directed by David Herrera that is set to be released on 4/2/202 The movie is based in Colombia and is entirely in Spanish. The story revolves around a young couple who tries to start a new life despite the challenges they face within their community.

The runtime of the movie is 1 hour and 40 minutes, and it has an IMDb rating of

David Herrera is not only the director of this film but also the writer. He has put his heart and soul into creating a compelling story that is sure to leave an impact on the audience.

There is no star list available for this film, but Herrera has worked with talented actors who have delivered outstanding performances. As for the question “is La Vida Nueva on OTT platform?”, it is currently unknown.

As the movie is yet to be released, it is unclear which platforms it will be available on for streaming. However, it is sure to attract attention from many platforms due to its intriguing storyline and impressive production quality.

La Vida Nueva Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

La Vida Nueva, the short drama movie written and directed by David Herrera, is set to hit OTT platforms on April 2nd, 202 The movie comes from Colombia and will be available in Spanish language. The runtime of the movie is 1 hour and 40 minutes and has an IMDb rating of

The storyline explores the life of a young couple trying to start a new life in a new place, away from their troubled past.

The movie takes its viewers on a journey of self-discovery as the couple faces challenges that test their love and determination to move forward. The cast detailing remains undisclosed at the moment, but the trailer indicates the performances of the actors will be noteworthy.

La Vida Nueva has been able to generate quite a buzz among movie buffs who are eagerly anticipating its release. With the upcoming release, fans will have something to look forward to on OTT platforms during the spring of 202


In conclusion, La Vida Nueva is a thought-provoking short drama film directed by David Herrera that explores the themes of life, death, and rebirth. The movie was released on OTT platforms on 4th February 2023 and has a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes. Set in Colombia and presented in the Spanish language, the film leaves a lasting impression on the viewer with its unique storytelling and stunning visuals.

Although the movie has received mixed reviews with an IMDB rating of 7, it’s still worth watching for its profound messages and hauntingly beautiful cinematography.

Overall, La Vida Nueva is a must-watch for fans of experimental cinema.

La Vida Nueva 2023 FAQs

What is the plot summary of La Vida Nueva movie?

La Vida Nueva is a relatively uncommon title, and there are several movies with similar names. However, if you are referring to the 2019 Spanish movie “La Vida Nueva” directed by Roberto Bueso, the plot follows a man named Samuel who returns to his hometown after several years in prison. He tries to reconnect with his old life and friends, but he finds that everything has changed, including his former girlfriend, who is now married with children. As he struggles to find his place in this new reality, Samuel gets involved in a risky business that puts him and his loved ones in danger.

Who are the main actors in La Vida Nueva movie?

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Which film festivals has La Vida Nueva movie been screened at?

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How was the reception of La Vida Nueva movie by critics and audiences?

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Are there any particular themes or messages conveyed in La Vida Nueva movie?

Yes, the main theme of La Vida Nueva movie is the struggle for self-discovery and identity, particularly in the context of the LGBTQ+ community. The movie also touches on the challenges of living in a conservative and traditional society while trying to live authentically.

What is the significance of the title “La Vida Nueva” for the movie’s storyline?

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