Leonard Fournette Net Worth, Height, Wiki, Bio

Leonard Fournette started his professional football career with the NFL in 2017

Within every sports league, there are good athletes and then there are great athletes. When it comes to the NFL, a host of memorable players come to mind. From Joe Montana to Reggie White, Dan Marino and Brett Farve, members of America’s elite gridiron squad are plentiful.

However, in the new era of NFL talent that presents itself today, running back Leonard Fournette is undoubtedly one to look out for.

Early Life and College Football  

Drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2017, Fournette got his initial start in football back when studying at St. Augustine High School. Here, the New Orleans native was a star on his varsity team, rushing for a whopping 7,619 cumulative yards during his amateur career.

These impressive stats garnered him a scholarship to Louisiana State, making him St. Augustine’s very first athlete to be offered a full ride during their freshman year. Unsurprisingly, he was also a two-time receiver of the prestigious USA Today High School All-American award in 2012 and 2013.

Fournette’s time at Louisiana State built on the success of his years in high school. This is especially so during his sophomore season, when he broke a number of rushing records and was named to the SEC First Team. In Fournette’s junior college year, the player sustained an injury that put him on the bench for the final game of the regular season. However, the running back was still able to carry for 843 yards and record a staggering eight touchdowns in seven games.

NFL Career

Ranked as a top prospect from Louisiana State, buy european modafinil online professional recruiters had been keeping tabs on Fournette throughout his college journey. Although many teams wanted him, the Jaguars were the ones to ultimately snag the running back, drafting the 6-foot-1 player as a fourth pick in the first round. In Jacksonville, Fournette helped the franchise to clinch the AFC in 2017 by maintaining his elite ball control and offensive skills. In 2019, he was able to record over 200 rushing yards in a single game, proving his rookie worth. Fournette played a total of three seasons for the Jags before signing a contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020.

Today, Fournette has proved himself extremely valuable in every aspect of the game. From his speed and athleticism to his workmanship and determination, the running back is one of the NFL’s most underrated players. In last year’s Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs, Fournette was instrumental in the Bucs win, rushing for 89 yards and scoring one touchdown. As a new set of matchups approaches, it’s confirmed that Fournette will be Tampa Bay’s starting running back after resigning with the franchise at the close of the postseason. According to Super Bowl Winner Betting Odds for this upcoming season, both the Buccaneers and the Chiefs are listed as top favorites to secure the Vince Lombardi, with the Chiefs pulling in slightly better odds. However, Tampa Bay’s possession of Fournette will undoubtedly help the reigning victors in their fight for another Championship trophy. Especially seeing as Super Bowl LV ended with a 31-9 blowout win by the Bucs, there is a significant amount of momentum for Fournette and the rest of the crew in Tampa Bay as they head back onto the field in September.

The highest achievement in American football, the Vince Lombardi trophy is awarded to victors of the annual Super Bowl Championship game

How Much is Leonard Fournette Worth?

Currently, the running back’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. His recent re-sign contract with the Buccaneers consisted of a $3.25 million deal in which the player agreed to stay with the franchise for at least one more year. Fournette has also had lucrative endorsement partnerships with top sports brands like Under Amour which add digits to his already hefty paycheck.

While Leonard Fournette may not be worth as much as his teammate and six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, he does make a pretty penny for his contribution on the field.