Mermaids’ Lament: A 2023 Fantasy Film with a Touch of Myth and Legend Comes to OTT Platforms

Mermaids have captivated the imagination of human beings for centuries, and now they’re making their way to the big screen in the upcoming movie “Mermaids’ Lament. ” Set for release on May 26, 2023, the fantasy-drama film promises to take viewers on a magical journey full of enchanting visuals and heart-wrenching emotions.

Directed by G. B. Hajim and starring Dayva Summer Escobar, Justina Mattos, and Michael Gregory, “Mermaids’ Lament” is a story about love, sacrifice, and the secrets that lie beneath the sea.

The movie follows the journey of a young mermaid who falls in love with a human prince, but their happiness is short-lived when a powerful spell threatens to tear them apart forever. This 80-minute long movie promises to blend real-life drama with fantasy elements, creating a unique viewing experience.

And for those who can’t wait to watch it in theaters, “Mermaids’ Lament 2023” will also be released on OTT platforms. Get ready to dive into the mysterious world of the mermaids in this mesmerizing cinematic experience.


About Mermaids’ Lament Movie 2023

Movie Name Mermaids’ Lament
Runtime 1h 20min
Country United States
Language English
IMDB(Rating) 4.1
Release Date 5/26/2023
Directed G.B. Hajim
Writer nan
Star Dayva Summer Escobar,Justina Mattos,Michael Gregory


Mermaids’ Lament 2023 Movie Story

Mermaids’ Lament is a fantastical and emotional drama that takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey through the undersea world of mermaids. The film tells the story of a young mermaid named Coral (played by Dayva Summer Escobar), who is tasked with venturing out into the treacherous human world to retrieve a rare pearl that holds magical properties.

Along the way, Coral is met with many challenges and obstacles that test her courage and resilience. As the story unfolds, viewers are drawn into the depths of Coral’s inner conflict as she struggles to reconcile her love for the human world with her loyalty to her own kind. Alongside her journey, we also see the stories of the human characters that she meets, including a young girl named Lily (played by Justina Mattos), who shows Coral the true beauty and kindness that exists within humanity.

Despite the film’s intense emotion and stunning visuals, unfortunately, Mermaids’ Lament is not currently available on Ott. Directed by G. B.

Hajim and starring Michael Gregory, this enchanting film is set to hit theaters in the United States on May 26th, 2023, and is sure to leave audiences spellbound with its powerful message of love, bravery, and finding one’s true place in the world.

Cast & Crew

Mermaids’ Lament is a highly anticipated drama/fantasy film set to release on May 26, 202 The movie has a runtime of 1 hour and 20 minutes and was produced in the United States with English as the primary language.

The film, directed by G. B. Hajim, stars Dayva Summer Escobar, Justina Mattos, and Michael Gregory.

Dayva Summer Escobar is a talented and versatile actress who has worked on several notable productions. Justina Mattos is a rising star in Hollywood who has gained attention for her powerful and emotional performances. Michael Gregory, a seasoned actor with extensive experience in the industry, brings his expertise to the cast of Mermaids’ Lament.

The production team behind the film has put in a lot of effort to create a visually stunning and deeply engaging film. The director G.

B. Hajim has infused the movie with creative and imaginative elements that will transport audiences to a fantastical world of mermaids and their struggles.

As for whether Mermaids’ Lament is on an OTT platform, information on that is not available at the moment.

Mermaids’ Lament Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

Mermaids’ Lament is an upcoming drama-fantasy film that is set to release on OTT platforms on May 26th, 202 The film depicts a beautiful yet poignant tale of mermaids and their enchanting underworld.

G. B. Hajim skillfully directs this film in a way that portrays the mermaids’ world as mysterious and intriguing.

The movie revolves around the life of these mystical creatures who live their lives in seclusion, detached from the earthly world. The central characters, including Dayva Summer Escobar, Justina Mattos, and Michael Gregory, deliver a stunning performance that brings the mermaids’ plight to life. The film’s runtime is 1 hour and 20 minutes, and it is a literary feast for those who love the genre of drama-fantasy.

Mermaids’ Lament is an emotive and visually captivating masterpiece set to grip audiences worldwide. Even though it doesn’t have any known writers associated with the project, Mermaids’ Lament has an IMDB rating of

1 and manages to create a lasting impact on its viewers. Get ready to be mesmerized by the beauty of the mermaid’s world as you embark on a journey with these captivating creatures.


Mermaids’ Lament is a fantasy drama movie that is set to be released in the US on May 26th, 202 Directed by G.

B. Hajim, the film follows the journey of three women who embark on a mystical adventure to uncover the secrets and dangers of the underwater world. Starring Dayva Summer Escobar, Justina Mattos, and Michael Gregory, the film explores themes of love, loss, and sacrifice in a unique and imaginative way.

With a runtime of 1 hour and 20 minutes, Mermaids’ Lament promises to captivate audiences with its stunning visuals and thought-provoking storyline. Rated 1 on IMDB, this movie is definitely worth the watch.

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