Moms Coming 2023: A Heartwarming Family Drama Set to Release on OTT Platforms – All You Need to Know About the Release Date and Plot

Hold onto your seats and prepare to be scared! The upcoming horror, musical, and thriller movie, “Mom’s Coming” is set to hit the screens on May 19, 202

Directed and written by Rishiking, this Indian film promises to deliver a spine-chilling experience that will linger with you long after the credits roll. With a runtime of 1 hour and 20 minutes, “Mom’s Coming” follows the story of a family that experiences supernatural occurrences after their deceased mother’s spirit returns home. This movie is not for the faint-hearted, as it promises to deliver thrills and chills that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Although “Mom’s Coming” boasts an IMDB rating of 4, fans of the horror genre should not miss the opportunity to watch this movie. And for those who can’t wait for its theatrical release, the good news is that “Mom’s Coming 2023” will also have an OTT release date.

Get ready for a hauntingly memorable experience that will have you checking behind every door and under every bed.

Mom's Coming movie


About Mom’s Coming Movie 2023

Movie Name Mom’s Coming
Runtime 1h 20min
Country India
Language Hindi,Telugu,Tamil
IMDB(Rating) 5.4
Release Date 5/19/2023
Directed Rishiking
Writer Rishiking
Star nan


Mom’s Coming 2023 Movie Story

Mom’s Coming is a highly anticipated horror musical thriller set to be released on Ott on May 19th, 202 The movie is directed and written by Rishiking, a well-known filmmaker in India. The movie centers around a mother who was thought to be dead, but suddenly comes back to haunt her family.

The movie is set in a small village in India, and it combines the horror and musical genre, which is a unique concept that will appeal to a wide audience. Although the movie has a short runtime of 1 hour and 20 minutes, it is packed with suspense, drama, and action.

The movie features some of the best actors and actresses in the industry, and they deliver brilliant performances that will leave you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie. The movie is available in three languages, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil, catering to a vast Indian audience.

However, the movie’s imdb rating is 4, indicating that the reception may be mixed. Nonetheless, with its unique concept and combination of genres, Mom’s Coming is a movie that horror, musical, and thriller fans will not want to miss.

Cast & Crew

Mom’s Coming is a much-awaited Indian horror, musical, and thriller movie directed and written by Rishiking. The movie is set to release on 19th May 2023 and has a runtime of 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The movie will be available in three languages – Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil – catering to a wide range of audiences. The plot of the movie revolves around a family who is haunted by the ghost of their deceased mother, who warns them of impending danger from an unknown threat. The movie promises to deliver an eerie experience filled with suspense, music, and thrill.

While the star cast is yet to be announced, Rishiking is known for his exceptional storytelling abilities, and fans can expect an enthralling cinematic experience. The movie has an IMDB rating of

4, which indicates that it has already generated a lot of buzz in the entertainment industry. As of now, it is still unclear whether Mom’s Coming will be available on an OTT platform or will release exclusively in theaters. Nonetheless, with its intriguing storyline, talented crew, and promising director, it is a movie that horror, musical, and thriller fans won’t want to miss.

Mom’s Coming Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

Mom’s Coming is a highly anticipated horror, musical, and thriller movie, set to release on OTT platforms on 5/19/202 The movie is directed and written by Rishiking and has a runtime of 1 hour and 20 minutes. The film will be released in three languages: Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil, making it accessible for a vast audience in India.

The movie has an Imdb rating of 4, and fans can’t wait to see what it has in store for them.

Although the star list has not been revealed, the plot of the movie is enough to attract the attention of all movie lovers. The movie focuses on the story of a family who encounters supernatural incidents in their new house.

The movie promises to be one of the most thrilling and spine-chilling horror movies of the year. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release date, and the OTT release will help reach audiences across the country easily. Be sure to mark your calendars for this unique and intriguing movie – Mom’s Coming, releasing 5/19/2023, only on OTT platforms.


In conclusion, Mom’s Coming is a unique and intriguing film that combines horror, musical, and thriller elements to deliver a captivating cinematic experience. The movie depicts the story of a family’s encounter with supernatural forces after the mother’s unexpected return. The movie was released on OTT platforms on May 19, 2023, and had a runtime of 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The film’s director, Rishiking, brings a unique perspective to the story and creates an ambiance of unease throughout the film. Despite a modest IMDb rating of

4, the movie is worth watching for its innovative storytelling and spine-tingling thrills.

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