Nostalgia: The Highly Anticipated 2023 Movie Set for OTT Release Date – Everything You Need to Know

Nostalgia is a short comedy film that takes viewers on a hilarious journey through time. The movie, directed by Katie Otten and written by Jeremy Wade Rodman, boasts of an impressive cast, including Andrea Erickson, Myeisha Essex, and Walter Shatley. The film, released on 3/12/2023, has a runtime of just 15 minutes and is set in the United States, with English as the language.

Nostalgia chronicles the misadventures of a group of friends who were reunited after a long time. Each one of them struggles to relive the past and recapture their younger selves.

As they embark on a quest to recreate moments from their youth, hilarity and mischief ensue, leaving them wondering if their past was really as perfect as they remember. With an IMDb rating of 1, Nostalgia promises viewers a fun-filled ride.

The film’s upcoming OTT release date is eagerly awaited by fans who cannot wait to watch it again and again. So, buckle up and get ready to journey back in time with Nostalgia 2023!

Nostalgia movie


About Nostalgia Movie 2023

Movie Name Nostalgia
Runtime 15min
Country United States
Language English
IMDB(Rating) 6.1
Release Date 3/12/2023
Directed Katie Otten
Writer Jeremy Wade Rodman
Star Andrea Erickson,Myeisha Essex,Walter Shatley


Nostalgia 2023 Movie Story

Nostalgia is a short comedy film about three childhood friends who reunite after years apart. The film is set in the United States and is in English.

It was released on 3/12/2023 and has a runtime of 15 minutes. The film begins with three friends, played by Andrea Erickson, Myeisha Essex, and Walter Shatley, catching up over drinks. They reminisce about their childhood and how much they miss the old days.

As they delve deeper into their memories, they realize that they have all saved mementos from their past that they still cherish. They start to wonder if anyone else still collects items from their childhood and decide to create a social media platform for people to share their nostalgic items. They call it “Is Nostalgia” and it quickly gains popularity among people all over the world.

Their success leads to them being invited to speak on a talk show about their invention. However, as they talk about their invention, they begin to realize that their focus on the past has caused them to neglect the present.

They decide to live in the moment and enjoy their time together. The film ends with the friends realizing that while nostalgia is great, it’s important to live in the present and make new memories.

Nostalgia may be on Ott, but the message of the film is universal.

Cast & Crew

Nostalgia is an upcoming short comedy film directed by Katie Otten and written by Jeremy Wade Rodman. The film is set to be released on 3/12/2023 in the United States and has a runtime of 15 minutes. The film follows the story of three friends, played by Andrea Erickson, Myeisha Essex, and Walter Shatley, as they embark on a journey to recapture moments of their childhood that they have lost.

The film’s cast and crew bring a wealth of talent and experience to the project. Katie Otten is an accomplished director and writer, with several short films to her name.

Jeremy Wade Rodman has written for both film and television, and his works have been produced by major studios. Andrea Erickson, Myeisha Essex, and Walter Shatley are all talented actors, each bringing their own unique style and perspective to their roles. As of now, we do not know if the movie will be available on an OTT platform.

Nonetheless, with an IMDB rating of 1, Nostalgia promises to be an entertaining and well-produced film that will delight audiences with its humor and quirky characters.

Nostalgia Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

Nostalgia is a short comedy movie that takes place in modern-day United States. The movie focuses on the nostalgia of the characters and their journey to find their old memories. The movie will be released on 3/12/2023 on an OTT platform.

The director of the movie, Katie Otten, has done a great job in putting together a beautiful piece that takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster. The movie’s writing credits go to Jeremy Wade Rodman.

The star cast of the movie includes Andrea Erickson, Myeisha Essex, and Walter Shatley, who have done a remarkable job in their roles. The runtime of the movie is 15 minutes, which is perfect for a short comedy movie. The movie’s Imdb rating is

1, which speaks volumes about how good the movie is. The movie is in English and is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys good comedy movies.

Set aside 15 minutes of your time on 3/12/2023 to watch Nostalgia, and you will not be disappointed.


Overall, Nostalgia is a delightful short comedy that will leave viewers feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Katie Otten does a fantastic job directing this film, while Jeremy Wade Rodman’s writing brings the characters to life in a way that is relatable and humorous.

The cast, including Andrea Erickson, Myeisha Essex, and Walter Shatley, all deliver exceptional performances that lend to the film’s overall charm. At just 15 minutes long, Nostalgia manages to pack a punch and tells a story that will resonate with viewers. With its OTT release scheduled for March 12th, 2023, this is one film that is sure to be a hit amongst audiences.

Nostalgia 2023 FAQs

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How do you think nostalgia movies impact future generations who didn’t live through the time period showcased in the film?

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Many people enjoy nostalgia movies because it allows them to reminisce about their past experiences and relive happy memories. Nostalgia movies are also often set in a simpler time and can provide a sense of comfort and escape from present-day stressors. Additionally, nostalgia movies often feature memorable soundtracks, fashion, and pop culture references that people may fondly recall from their youth.

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