Riceboy Sleeps – The Anticipated 2023 Movie: Expected OTT Release Date, Cast, and Plot Details

Riceboy Sleeps 2023 is a heartwarming drama film that explores the intricacies of family relationships. Set in Canada, the movie tells the story of a Korean-Canadian family and their struggles to come to terms with their cultural identity. The film is directed and written by Anthony Shim, who has skillfully portrayed the essence of the story on the big screen.

The movie boasts an impressive cast, including Choi Seung-yoon, Ethan Hwang, and Dohyun Noel Hwang. Their performances have been lauded by critics and audiences alike, making the film a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Riceboy Sleeps 2023 has received an impressive rating of 5 on IMDb, indicating its popularity and success among moviegoers.

The movie promises to be a thought-provoking and emotional watch, and fans can look forward to its OTT release on [insert date]. So, mark your calendars and get ready to experience a touching family drama that is sure to leave a lasting impact on your heart.

Riceboy Sleeps movie


About Riceboy Sleeps Movie 2023

Movie Name Riceboy Sleeps
Runtime 1h 57min
Country Canada
Language English,Korean
IMDB(Rating) 8.5
Release Date 3/17/2023
Directed Anthony Shim
Writer Anthony Shim
Star Choi Seung-yoon,Ethan Hwang,Dohyun Noel Hwang


Riceboy Sleeps 2023 Movie Story

Riceboy Sleeps is a captivating drama movie that explores the complexity of family relationships. The story is set in Canada and is shot in English and Korean languages, adding an element of cultural diversity to the narrative.

The movie revolves around the character of Ethan Hwang, who is known as Riceboy in his family. Ethan is a Korean-Canadian teenager who struggles to find his place in the world amidst the cultural clash that he experiences in his daily life. The movie beautifully captures the coming-of-age journey of Riceboy, as he navigates through the challenges of adolescence.

The plot touches on several deep-seated issues, such as racial identity, family values, and mental health. Choi Seung-yoon plays the role of Riceboy’s father, who tries to connect with his son through his love for music. Dohyun Noel Hwang portrays Riceboy’s sister, who supports him through his journey of self-discovery.

Directed and written by Anthony Shim, Riceboy Sleeps is a heart-warming family movie that is bound to tug at the heartstrings of its viewers. With an IMDB rating of

5, this movie promises to give the audience a beautiful cinematic experience that is both emotional and inspiring. And to answer the hinted question, there is no indication that the movie will be released on the streaming service called “Ott. “

Cast & Crew

Riceboy Sleeps is a highly anticipated drama and family movie set to be released on March 17th, 202 Directed by Anthony Shim, who is known for his remarkable work in movies such as Daughter and Mourning Has Broken, this movie promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for its viewers.

The movie features an impressive cast and crew who have brought their creative skills to life. Choi Seung-yoon, Ethan Hwang, and Dohyun Noel Hwang star in the movie and deliver outstanding performances. Choi Seung-yoon is a well-known South Korean actor who has worked in movies like The King’s Letters and Idol.

Ethan Hwang and Dohyun Noel Hwang are highly talented child actors who have been making waves in the entertainment industry with their brilliant performances. The writing of the movie is also exceptional, with Anthony Shim serving as both the director and writer of the movie. The cinematography and editing of the movie are also top-notch, making Riceboy Sleeps a highly anticipated release for moviegoers.

As of now, it is unknown whether Riceboy Sleeps will be available on any OTT platforms after its initial release. Fans of the movie will have to wait and see if it eventually becomes available online.

Riceboy Sleeps Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

Riceboy Sleeps is a heartwarming family drama that tells the story of a Korean-Canadian family and their struggles with identity and belonging. The movie is set to release on 3/17/2023 and will be available for online streaming on various OTT platforms. This highly anticipated release has garnered attention from audiences around the world, and many are eagerly anticipating its arrival.

Directed by Anthony Shim, the film stars up-and-coming actors, Choi Seung-yoon, Ethan Hwang, and Dohyun Noel Hwang. The story follows the life of a young Korean-Canadian boy, who struggles to find his place in the world.

As he grows up, he discovers more about his heritage and culture, and learns valuable lessons about family, love, and acceptance. The movie has received critical acclaim and an impressive

5 rating on IMDB, which is a testament to the quality of the film. With a runtime of 1 hour and 57 minutes, Riceboy Sleeps promises to be an emotional and thought-provoking journey for audiences. Be sure to mark your calendar for the OTT release date and witness the unfolding of this powerful and inspiring story.


In conclusion, Riceboy Sleeps is a heartwarming drama that explores the complexities of family relationships. Directed and written by Anthony Shim, the film features a talented cast including Choi Seung-yoon, Ethan Hwang, and Dohyun Noel Hwang. Set for its OTT release on 3/17/2023, Riceboy Sleeps promises to captivate audiences with its emotional storyline and stunning visuals.

With a runtime of 1h 57min, the film blends English and Korean languages to create a poignant narrative that resonates with viewers on a global scale. Currently holding an impressive

5 rating on IMDb, Riceboy Sleeps is a must-watch for drama fans seeking impactful storytelling.

Riceboy Sleeps 2023 FAQs

What is the movie “Riceboy Sleeps” about?

“Riceboy Sleeps” is actually an album created by Icelandic duo Jónsi and Alex Somers, rather than a movie. It is a collaborative ambient music project featuring orchestral and electronic elements.

Who produced and directed the “Riceboy Sleeps” movie?

“Riceboy Sleeps” is not a movie, but a musical album by Jónsi Birgisson and Alex Somers. They were the producers and directors of the album.

What is the significance of the title “Riceboy Sleeps”?

The title “Riceboy Sleeps” is significant as it relates to the calm and peaceful atmosphere created by the music of the same name. Additionally, the term “Riceboy” references Jónsi’s childhood nickname, further connecting the music to personal experiences and memories.

Are there any notable actors or musicians featured in the movie?

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What was the inspiration behind the creation of the movie?

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In what language(s) is the movie presented and is it subtitled?

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Is the “Riceboy Sleeps” movie based on a book or existing story?

The “Riceboy Sleeps” movie is not based on a book or existing story. It is a self-titled experimental film by the Icelandic music duo Jónsi and Alex.

Are there any special effects or stunning visuals in the movie that make it stand out?

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