The Day We Met: An Upcoming 2023 Romantic Drama Movie Set to Release on OTT Platforms

The highly anticipated drama film, “The Day We Met,” is set to release in theaters on 3/11/202 Directed and written by Kelly Weaver, this emotionally charged movie promises to tug at the heartstrings of audiences everywhere. Starring Lexi Marie Hawks, Robert DeAngelo, and Carson Jean Holley, the film follows the story of a chance encounter between two strangers that changes the course of their lives forever.

With a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes, “The Day We Met” takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the protagonists navigate through love, loss, and heartbreak. Although the IMDb rating of

1 may not seem as high, the brilliant performances by the main cast and the intricate storytelling will leave a lasting impression on the audience. Fans eagerly awaiting the release of “The Day We Met” can look forward to an OTT release date soon after the theatrical run.

This is one movie you won’t want to miss.

The Day We Met movie


About The Day We Met Movie 2023

Movie Name The Day We Met
Runtime 1h 30min
Country United States
Language English
IMDB(Rating) 6.1
Release Date 3/11/2023
Directed Kelly Weaver
Writer Kelly Weaver
Star Lexi Marie Hawks,Robert DeAngelo,Carson Jean Holley


The Day We Met 2023 Movie Story

The Day We Met is a heart-wrenching drama that will make you both smile and cry. This movie is set to be released on Ott on 3/11/2023 and promises to enchant its audience for the right reasons.

The story follows the lives of three individuals, Alice (Lexi Marie Hawks), James (Robert DeAngelo), and Anna (Carson Jean Holley), who coincidentally cross paths one day. The movie portrays how the three characters feel lost and disconnected until they meet each other. Their struggle with mental health issues, anxiety, and panic attacks are beautifully depicted throughout the film.

Kelly Weaver has skillfully directed the movie and has written it with great care, capturing the insecurities and fears of these individuals in exciting detail. The actors’ performances are top-notch, and they have flawlessly translated the emotions required for their roles. In 90 minutes, The Day We Met covers a wide range of emotions, from hopelessness and despair to love and gratitude.

The film ends on a hopeful note, where the characters realize that they can find happiness if they open themselves up to it. This movie has all the elements that make a great film.

It’s a must-watch for all drama enthusiasts who are looking for a profound and intense cinematic experience.

Cast & Crew

The Day We Met is an upcoming drama film directed and written by Kelly Weaver. The film features a star-studded cast, containing some of the brightest names in the industry.

Lexi Marie Hawks, Robert DeAngelo, and Carson Jean Holley lead the film as its main characters. Hawks’ portrayal of a young woman striving to reach her dreams captures the essence of the movie. DeAngelo’s exceptional acting skills shine through as he plays the role of her love interest.

Holley’s performance as the supporting character brings depth to the film. The talented crew behind the scenes has put together an outstanding production. The cinematography by the talented team captures the essence of the story beautifully.

Set in the United States and in English language, the movie has a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Its IMDB rating of

1 signifies the anticipation of movie buffs for its release. As of now, it is not clear whether The Day We Met will be on an OTT platform. But with such a fantastic cast and crew, it is undoubtedly worth watching on the big screen when it releases on March 11, 202

The Day We Met Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

The highly anticipated drama film, The Day We Met, is all set to release on an OTT platform on 3rd November 202 The movie revolves around a heart-wrenching story of love, loss, and redemption.

Directed by Kelly Weaver and written by the same, this film promises to be a remarkable cinematic experience. Starring Lexi Marie Hawks, Robert DeAngelo, and Carson Jean Holley, the movie portrays the tale of two strangers who meet by chance and fall in love. However, life takes a turn when they are forced to part ways, leaving them with a sense of loss and longing.

Whether they will cross paths again and rekindle their love remains to be seen. With a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes, The Day We Met is expected to touch the hearts of audiences across the United States.

The film has an IMDb rating of 1, suggestive of the emotional depth and thought-provoking narrative that it offers. Don’t miss the release on the aforementioned date and immerse yourself in its enigmatic world of love and loss.


The Day We Met, a drama film directed by Kelly Weaver, is set to release on 3/11/2023 on OTT platforms. The film depicts the story of two individuals, played by Lexi Marie Hawks and Robert DeAngelo, who unexpectedly meet and fall in love.

Despite their differences, they embark on a journey together that challenges their beliefs and ultimately changes their lives. With a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes, the film explores themes of hope, forgiveness, and self-discovery. While it may not be a groundbreaking work in terms of storytelling, the strong performances by the cast, including Carson Jean Holley, elevate the film’s emotional impact.

Overall, The Day We Met is a captivating and heartfelt tale that will leave audiences with a sense of warmth and inspiration.

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