The Four Souls of Coyote: A 2023 Movie Set to Release on OTT Platforms – What We Know So Far

The animated adventure film, Four Souls of Coyote, is set to take audiences on a journey like no other when it is released in theaters on March 16, 202 Directed by Áron Gauder and written by Géza Bereményi and Áron Gauder, this film promises to be a thrilling ride filled with wonder, mystery and action.

With a runtime of 1 hour and 43 minutes, Four Souls of Coyote tells the story of a group of unlikely heroes who embark on a dangerous mission to save their world from a sinister threat. The star-studded cast includes Fred Tatasciore, Clé Bennett and Bill Farmer, who bring their remarkable talents to their respective roles. Although initially set to debut in theaters, fans of the film will be delighted to know that Four Souls of Coyote 2023 has an OTT release date, so you can enjoy this fantastical adventure from the comfort of your own home.

Get ready to be transported to a world beyond your wildest dreams, as Four Souls of Coyote is set to dazzle and inspire audiences everywhere.

Four Souls of Coyote movie


About Four Souls of Coyote Movie 2023

Movie Name Four Souls of Coyote
Runtime 1h 43min
Country Hungary
Language English,Hungarian
IMDB(Rating) 6.1
Release Date 3/16/2023
Directed Ã_x0081_ron Gauder
Writer Géza Bereményi,Ã_x0081_ron Gauder
Star Fred Tatasciore,Clé Bennett,Bill Farmer


Four Souls of Coyote 2023 Movie Story

Four Souls of Coyote is an upcoming animated adventure movie directed by Áron Gauder. The movie follows the story of Coyote, a wise and cunning creature who is on a quest to collect four different souls to rescue his beloved. The movie will be released on March 16th, 2023 in Hungary.

The movie delves into the themes of love, redemption, and sacrifice. Coyote sets out on a journey to find the souls necessary to save his heart’s desire, facing many challenges along the way.

He meets various characters that offer him help or try to deceive him, and he must use all his wit and cunning to succeed. The movie features an excellent cast, including voice actors Fred Tatasciore, Clé Bennett, and Bill Farmer, who bring the characters to life with their performances. The animation is stunning, with a mix of English and Hungarian language, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Many are excited about the release of Four Souls of Coyote and are wondering whether it will be available on OTT platforms. Unfortunately, it is unclear at present whether the movie will be available on any OTT platforms.

However, it is anticipated to be shown in theaters across Hungary and eventually worldwide.

Cast & Crew

Four Souls of Coyote is an upcoming animation-adventure movie set to release on March 16, 202 The movie tells the story of Coyote, a famous trickster from Native American mythology who embarks on a mission to save the world with the help of his four souls. The cast and crew of the movie are highly talented and experienced.

The movie is directed by Áron Gauder, a Hungarian director, and writer known for his work on the movie ‘The District!’.

The writers of the movie are Géza Bereményi and Áron Gauder. The star cast of the movie includes Fred Tatasciore, Clé Bennett, and Bill Farmer. Fred Tatasciore is a versatile voice actor known for his work in movies, TV shows, and video games.

Clé Bennett is a Canadian actor and voice artist who has worked in many popular movies and TV shows. Bill Farmer is a renowned voice actor who has lent his voice to several iconic characters like Goofy, Pluto, and Horace Horsecollar.

As of now, it is not known whether Four Souls of Coyote will be available on any OTT platform. However, fans are eagerly waiting for the movie to release in theaters.

Four Souls of Coyote Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

The highly anticipated animated adventure movie, “Four Souls of Coyote,” is set to release on 3/16/2023 on various OTT platforms. This breathtaking animation movie is directed by Ã_x0081_ron Gauder, who has an impressive track record of producing unforgettable movies. The movie follows the mischievous character, Coyote, on a thrilling adventure through the American desert.

The film’s runtime is approximately 1 hour and 43 minutes, guaranteeing non-stop entertainment for viewers of all ages. The ‘Four Souls of Coyote’ movie is produced in Hungary and it features a language blend of English and Hungarian.

The star-studded cast includes voiceovers by Bill Farmer, Clé Bennett, and the legendary voice actor Fred Tatasciore. The movie’s plot follows Coyote on a journey to retrieve his lost souls, which have been scattered across the desert. With stunning animation, fantastic voice acting, and a compelling storyline, the movie has already garnered an impressive

1 rating on IMDb. The release of “Four Souls of Coyote” on various OTT platforms is expected to create a stir among fans of the genre, animation enthusiasts, and families looking for an exciting movie to watch.

So mark your calendars for 3/16/2023 and let the adventure begin!


Four Souls of Coyote is an animated adventure film that has taken the world by storm. Directed by Áron Gauder and written by Géza Bereményi and Áron Gauder, the film offers an epic journey through the wilderness with four protagonists trying to find their way home.

With a star-studded cast including Fred Tatasciore, Clé Bennett, Bill Farmer, and many more, Four Souls of Coyote brings its story to life with stunning animation, incredible music, and edge-of-your-seat action. The movie was released on 3/16/2023 with a runtime of 1 hour 43 minutes, and has already received high praise with an IMDB rating of

Keep an eye on this must-see movie, now available on OTT platforms.

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