The Highly Anticipated Rhiannon 2023 Movie Set for OTT Release Date: Everything You Need to Know

Rhiannon 2023 is a stunning short fantasy film, directed and written by the incredibly talented Sarah Mallabar. Originally released in 2023, the movie features a star-studded cast, which includes Boyd Clack, Bethan Rose Young and Rowan Alexandria. The film is set in Wales and blends the languages of both Welsh and English, adding an intriguing linguistic dimension to the movie.

Rhiannon 2023 follows the tale of a young woman named Rhiannon, who possesses the ability to control plants and animals. The film opens up a world full of magic and wondrous creatures, full of fantasy and adventure.

With a runtime of just 5 minutes, Rhiannon 2023 packs in just the right amount of action, romance and magic to keep you hooked from start to finish. The film has an IMDB rating of

1, and with its captivating storyline, it’s sure to be a hit when it is released on OTT platforms in the near future.

Rhiannon movie


About Rhiannon Movie 2023

Movie Name Rhiannon
Runtime 5min
Country United Kingdom
Language Welsh,English
IMDB(Rating) 6.1
Release Date 3/10/2023
Directed Sarah Mallabar
Writer Sarah Mallabar
Star Boyd Clack,Bethan Rose Young,Rowan Alexandria


Rhiannon 2023 Movie Story

Rhiannon is a short fantasy movie that takes viewers on a magical journey. The movie explores the life of a young Welsh girl named Rhiannon, who discovers her magical power when her father falls ill. The five-minute movie is set in the beautiful country of the United Kingdom, with scenes shot in both Welsh and English languages.

Directed and written by Sarah Mallabar, the movie stars Boyd Clack, Bethan Rose Young, and Rowan Alexandria. Rhiannon is a visually stunning movie that captures the essence of Welsh folklore and mythology.

The movie’s IMDb rating is 1, which is a testament to how well the movie was received by viewers. Fans of Rhiannon can stream the movie on Ott or other streaming platforms.

The movie was released on 3rd October 2023 and has since garnered a dedicated following. The movie’s star, Rhiannon, captures the hearts of viewers as she learns to harness her magical powers and save her dying father.

The movie is an emotional rollercoaster that leaves viewers feeling both uplifted and fulfilled. Overall, Rhiannon is an excellent short fantasy movie that pulls viewers into a magical world. With stunning visuals, fantastic performances, and an engaging storyline, Rhiannon is a movie that will appeal to both young and old viewers alike.

Cast & Crew

Rhiannon is a short, fantasy film that is set to be released on 3rd October 202 Directed and written by Sarah Mallabar, the film is set in the United Kingdom and features both Welsh and English languages. The film has a runtime of just 5 minutes and boasts an impressive cast and crew.

The film stars Boyd Clack, Bethan Rose Young, and Rowan Alexandria, who are all set to deliver spectacular performances. Boyd Clack is a seasoned actor who has starred in various TV shows and movies, including Gavin & Stacey and Stella.

Bethan Rose Young and Rowan Alexandria are both relatively unknown actresses, but they show great potential in their performances in Rhiannon. The director, Sarah Mallabar, is also a talented filmmaker who has previously directed several successful shorts.

Her style of storytelling, which is imaginative and engaging, is sure to be the highlight of Rhiannon. Although it’s unclear whether the movie will be released on ott platform, lovers of short fantasy films should be excited about its upcoming release. Overall, this film promises to be a unique cinematic experience that is not to be missed.

Rhiannon Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

Rhiannon is an upcoming short fantasy movie set to release on 3rd October 2023 on OTT platforms. Directed and written by Sarah Mallabar, this film features a star-studded cast including Boyd Clack, Bethan Rose Young, and Rowan Alexandria.

The movie is shot in Wales, United Kingdom and is made in both Welsh and English languages. The movie, with a runtime of just five minutes, tells the story of a young Welsh girl, Rhiannon, who discovers her magical powers and uses them to defeat an evil force threatening her homeland. The film has gained attention for its visually stunning cinematography, which incorporates breathtaking landscapes and mind-blowing special effects.

Rhiannon has already garnered a 1 rating on IMDb, and fans are eagerly anticipating its release. With its compelling storyline and talented cast and crew, Rhiannon promises to be a must-see for anyone interested in the fantasy genre.

It’s sure to impress and entertain audiences on its OTT release date in 202


In conclusion, Rhiannon is a short but fascinating fantasy movie that will leave you wanting more. Directed and written by Sarah Mallabar, the story follows the journey of Rhiannon, a magical and mysterious being who embarks on a whimsical adventure.

The movie features a notable cast including Boyd Clack, Bethan Rose Young, and Rowan Alexandria, who bring the characters to life. Released on 3/10/2023, as an OTT release in the United Kingdom, the film’s runtime of 5 minutes is perfect for those looking for a quick escape from reality. With a decent

1 IMDb rating, Rhiannon is definitely worth watching for lovers of the fantasy genre.

Rhiannon 2023 FAQs

What is the plot of the movie Rhiannon?

The plot of the movie Rhiannon revolves around a teenager named Rhiannon who falls in love with a mysterious soul named “A” who inhabits a different body every day, leading them on a quest to find each other despite the complexities of their ever-changing lives.

Who plays the lead role in Rhiannon?

The lead role in Rhiannon is played by actress Blake Lively.

What inspired the story of Rhiannon?

The story of Rhiannon was inspired by Welsh mythology and folklore.

Was Rhiannon a successful box office hit?

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What was the critical reception of Rhiannon?

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Are there any sequels or spinoffs planned for Rhiannon?

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