The Highly Anticipated Thriller Film ‘The 9th Circle’ Set to Release on OTT Platforms in 2023

Are you ready to experience bone-chilling horror in just 11 minutes? The much-awaited short film, The 9th Circle, is all set to make its release on 3/12/202

Directed and written by Damien Leone, the movie promises to take you on an eerie journey through the darkest corners of human psyche. The 9th Circle is a story that revolves around a young woman, played by Kayla Lian, who is haunted by her past encounters with the ghosts of her ancestors. Her only solace is her therapist, played by Christine Evangelista, who tries to help her come to terms with her fears.

However, things take a turn for the worse when the malevolent entity makes an appearance in the therapy room, and chaos ensues. Starring Mike Giannelli alongside the talented cast, the movie has already generated quite the buzz on IMDB with a rating of

Excitingly, the movie will also be getting an OTT release. So, if you’re looking for a quick but terrifying watch, mark your calendar for The 9th Circle 2023’s release date.

The 9th Circle movie


About The 9th Circle Movie 2023

Movie Name The 9th Circle
Runtime 11min
Country United States
Language English
IMDB(Rating) 5.5
Release Date 3/12/2023
Directed Damien Leone
Writer Damien Leone
Star Kayla Lian,Mike Giannelli,Christine Evangelista


The 9th Circle 2023 Movie Story

The 9th Circle, a short horror movie directed and written by Damien Leone, premiered on March 12, 2023, in the United States. The film follows three friends, played by Kayla Lian, Mike Giannelli, and Christine Evangelista, as they venture into a forbidden forest to uncover the truth behind a local myth.

According to legend, the forest contains a portal to the ninth circle of Hell. The trio scoffs at this idea, but soon they realize that they have entered a nightmare. As they wander through the woods, they encounter various demonic creatures, each more terrifying than the last.

Despite its runtime of only 11 minutes, The 9th Circle manages to pack a punch, delivering spine-chilling scares and a gripping storyline. Damien Leone’s directorial prowess is on full display as he expertly weaves together tension, atmosphere, and jump scares. As for its availability on OTT platforms, it remains unclear if The 9th Circle will be released on any streaming services.

However, horror fans can expect to see it at various film festivals across the country. Overall, The 9th Circle is a must-watch for horror enthusiasts looking for a thrilling, heart-pumping experience.

Just be prepared to never look at forests the same way again.

Cast & Crew

The 9th Circle is a short horror movie directed and written by Damien Leone. The movie tells the story of three friends who stumble upon a haunted location where they encounter a demonic entity. The movie, which was released on 3/12/2023, has a runtime of 11 minutes and is categorized as a horror film.

The movie features a small but talented cast and crew who were involved in its production. Kayla Lian, Mike Giannelli, and Christine Evangelista star in the lead roles, delivering a spine-chilling performance that will make your hair stand on end.

The trio’s chemistry on screen is palpable, and they showcase a noteworthy acting range. Damien Leone’s direction and writing skills are commendable, and he manages to create a creepy and suspenseful atmosphere throughout the film. The technical aspects of the movie, including the cinematography, the sound design, and the editing, are top-notch.

As for whether The 9th Circle is on an OTT platform, unfortunately, that information is not provided. However, film enthusiasts will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipating its release on a streaming platform, where they can enjoy the movie from the comfort of their homes.

The 9th Circle Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

The much-awaited horror short film, The 9th Circle, is all set for its OTT release on 3/12/202 The movie, directed and written by Damien Leone, has an impressive star cast including Kayla Lian, Mike Giannelli, and Christine Evangelista. The movie, which has a runtime of just 11 minutes, promises to be a thrilling ride for all horror enthusiasts.

The 9th Circle is set in the United States and is in English, which makes it easily accessible to a larger audience. The movie has already garnered an IMDB rating of

5, which speaks volumes about the quality of the movie. Director Damien Leone is known for his excellent work in the horror genre, and The 9th Circle is no exception.

The film explores the horrors of the ninth circle, where people are punished for committing heinous crimes in life. With spine-chilling scares and unexpected twists, The 9th Circle is a must-watch for all horror movie buffs. So, mark your calendars for the much-awaited The 9th Circle OTT release date, on 3/12/2023, and brace yourself for a chilling experience that will stay with you long after the movie ends!


In conclusion, The 9th Circle is an intense, horror-filled short film that packs a punch in just 11 minutes. The movie revolves around a group of friends who venture into the woods, only to face unimaginable terror. With stunning performances from Kayla Lian, Mike Giannelli, and Christine Evangelista, as well as exceptional direction and writing from Damien Leone, The 9th Circle is a must-watch for horror fans.

Although the movie’s IMDb rating stands at 5, it is still a thrilling and horrifying experience.

Overall, the 2023 OTT release date of The 9th Circle is highly anticipated, and it promises to be a terrifying journey into the unknown.

The 9th Circle 2023 FAQs

What is the plot of the movie “The 9th Circle”?

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Who are the main characters in the film and what are their roles?

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What makes “The 9th Circle” different from other horror movies?

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Where was the movie filmed and how does the location add to the atmosphere of the film?

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What are some of the most terrifying scenes in the movie and why?

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How was the soundtrack designed to enhance the horror aspects of the movie?

The soundtrack was designed to enhance the horror aspects of the movie through the use of dissonant and unsettling sounds such as screeching violins and low, rumbling tones to create a sense of tension and unease. Additionally, sudden silences and the strategic use of sound effects were employed to create jump scares and enhance suspenseful moments.

Were there any controversial elements or themes in the movie that generated debate or controversy?

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What were the critical reviews of “The 9th Circle” and how was it received by audiences?

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