Voyager 2023: Everything You Need to Know About the Movie, Including its OTT Release Date

Voyager 2023 is an upcoming short film that promises to take viewers on a whirlwind of emotions. With a unique blend of fantasy, horror, and thriller elements, this movie is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.

Directed by Pablo Pagán and starring Diego Villuendas, Maykel Ortega, and Mateo Ibarra, Voyager 2023 tells the story of a group of travelers who find themselves stranded in a mysterious forest with no way out. As tensions rise and strange occurrences begin to take place, the group must work together to unravel the secrets of their surroundings before it’s too late. With an IMDb rating of

6, this Spanish language film is set to be released on OTT platforms on March 23, 202 Get ready for a heart-pumping adventure that will leave you wanting more with Voyager 202

Voyager movie


About Voyager Movie 2023

Movie Name Voyager
Runtime 20min
Country Spain
Language Spanish
IMDB(Rating) 5.6
Release Date 3/23/2023
Directed Pablo Pagán
Writer Pablo Pagán
Star Diego Villuendas,Maykel Ortega,Mateo Ibarra


Voyager 2023 Movie Story

Voyager is a short film set in the heart of Spain, blending elements of fantasy, horror, and thriller genres to create a unique and engaging narrative. Directed and written by Pablo Pagán, the film tells the story of three friends, played by Diego Villuendas, Maykel Ortega, and Mateo Ibarra, who venture into the wilderness in search of an otherworldly power rumored to grant limitless power and wealth. As the group journeys deeper into the wild, they encounter a series of terrifying creatures and obstacles that test their courage and loyalty.

Along the way, they uncover dark secrets about themselves and one another, leading to an explosive finale that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Despite its relatively short runtime of only 20 minutes, Voyager packs in plenty of heart-pumping action and spine-tingling scares, punctuated by stunning visuals and a haunting soundtrack.

While the film may not have achieved universal critical acclaim, its blend of genres and willingness to push boundaries makes it a must-watch for fans of experimental filmmaking. Unfortunately, as of its release on March 23rd, 2023, Voyager is not available on OTT platforms.

However, fans of Spanish cinema and thrill-seeking adventures will surely find a way to experience this exciting film for themselves.

Cast & Crew

Voyager is an upcoming short film from Spain that brings together elements of fantasy, horror, and thriller in a compact 20-minute runtime. The movie is directed and written by Pablo Pagan, who has previously made a name for himself with his surreal and atmospheric filmmaking style.

Pagan has assembled a talented cast and crew to bring his dark and haunting vision to life. The movie stars Diego Villuendas, Maykel Ortega, and Mateo Ibarra in leading roles. These actors display great range with their performances, bringing depth and nuance to their respective characters.

The supporting cast is equally impressive, featuring a talented group of actors from Spain. Pagan’s vision and direction are complemented by the work of his talented crew, including cinematographers, editors, and visual effects artists. They help to create a vivid and immersive world that feels both surreal and frightening.

As of writing, it is unclear if Voyager will be available on any OTT platforms. However, given the buzz and anticipation surrounding the movie, it is likely that someone will pick it up for streaming.

Those who enjoy horror and fantasy films are sure to enjoy Voyager’s unique blend of genres and haunting atmosphere.

Voyager Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

The highly anticipated short film Voyager, which falls under the categories of fantasy, horror and thriller, is finally set to hit the OTT platform in 202 Directed and written by Pablo Pagán, the movie promises to keep the audience on the edge of their seats with its gripping storyline and talented cast. Starring Diego Villuendas, Maykel Ortega, and Mateo Ibarra, Voyager showcases a unique plot that is bound to leave viewers spellbound.

Set in Spain and with dialogue in Spanish, the film follows the journey of a mysterious figure as they embark on a perilous voyage filled with twists and turns. The runtime of the movie is approximately 20 minutes, and its IMDb rating stands at

With its release date set for March 2023, fans of the horror and thriller genre can look forward to experiencing the excitement and intrigue of Voyager from the comfort of their homes on the OTT platform.


In conclusion, the short film Voyager, directed by Pablo Pagán and released in March 2023, is a unique blend of fantasy, horror, and thriller genres. The film takes viewers on a dark journey with compelling performances from the star list, including Diego Villuendas, Maykel Ortega, and Mateo Ibarra. With a runtime of just 20 minutes, Voyager packs in a lot of suspense and leaves viewers on the edge of their seat until the very end.

Although the film received an average rating of 6 on IMDB, it is definitely worth a watch for those who enjoy a good psychological thriller.

Overall, Voyager is an exciting addition to the world of short films and an impressive work of Spanish cinema.

Voyager 2023 FAQs

What is the plot of the Voyager movie?

The plot of the Voyager movie is about a group of scientists who discover a signal from a distant planet, and embark on a dangerous mission to investigate it. Along the way, they encounter various challenges and obstacles, but eventually uncover a shocking truth that threatens the fate of humanity.

Who are the main characters in Voyager?

The main characters in Voyager are Captain Kathryn Janeway, Commander Chakotay, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres, Ensign Harry Kim, and Seven of Nine.

Who directed Voyager and what other films have they directed?

The television series “Voyager” was directed by various directors, but the primary director was Allan Kroeker. He has directed other television series such as “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “Babylon 5,” and “Smallville,” as well as other films and television movies.

Was Voyager a commercial and critical success at the box office and among movie critics?

Yes, Voyager was a commercial success at the box office, grossing over $107 million worldwide. However, it received mixed reviews from movie critics, with some praising the performances while others criticized the storytelling and pacing.

What is the significance of the title “Voyager” in relation to the story?

The title “Voyager” in the story refers to the space probe sent to explore the far reaches of the universe, and symbolizes the main character’s own journey of self-exploration and discovery.

Was any part of the film based on real-life events or people?

Yes, many films are inspired or based on real-life events or people. However, it varies from film to film, so it would depend on the specific movie being discussed.

What was the budget for Voyager and how much money did it gross at the box office?

The 1994 movie “Star Trek: Voyager” does not exist. However, the TV show “Star Trek: Voyager” had a budget of approximately $40 million per season and did not have a box office as it was a television series.

Are there any behind-the-scenes stories or trivia related to the making of Voyager?

Yes, there are many behind-the-scenes stories and trivia related to the making of Voyager. For example, Kate Mulgrew initially turned down the role of Captain Janeway but was convinced to take it by her mother. The Voyager writers also had to carefully balance the show’s exploration theme with the need to keep the crew isolated and away from Earth. Additionally, Jeri Ryan’s character Seven of Nine was added to the show in the fourth season and quickly became a fan favorite.

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