Where Dreams Are Forgotten: an upcoming 2023 movie that promises to take viewers on an emotional rollercoaster, set to release on OTT platforms soon

Where Dreams Are Forgotten 2023 is a mesmerizing short film that showcases the journey of a young girl who is struggling to balance her dreams with the harsh realities of life. Directed by Inuk Jørgensen, the film takes us on a journey through her dreams, hopes, and aspirations as she navigates through life’s various challenges.

The movie is set to be released on 3/18/2023 and has a runtime of 7 minutes. Shot entirely in Greenland, the movie is in English language and has garnered an IMDB rating of

As we eagerly await the release of this powerful film, there is some great news for the viewers. The release of Where Dreams Are Forgotten 2023 will be available on an OTT platform, making it accessible to a wider audience globally. If you’re someone who loves powerful storytelling, this short film is a must-watch.

Get ready to be transported to the stunning landscapes of Greenland and embark on a journey of hope and determination with this small but powerful film.

Where Dreams Are Forgotten movie


About Where Dreams Are Forgotten Movie 2023

Movie Name Where Dreams Are Forgotten
Runtime 7min
Country Greenland
Language English
IMDB(Rating) 4.2
Release Date 3/18/2023
Directed Inuk Jørgensen
Writer Inuk Jørgensen
Star nan


Where Dreams Are Forgotten 2023 Movie Story

Where Dreams Are Forgotten is a heart-wrenching short film directed by Inuk Jørgensen that was released on Ott on March 18, 202 Though only 7 minutes in length, the film leaves a powerful impact on its viewers. The story revolves around a young boy named Malik who lives in a small village in Greenland.

He dreams of becoming a professional football player, but his reality is one that is shackled by poverty and isolation. His father is a fisherman who struggles to put food on the table, and the village lacks the proper infrastructure to support Malik’s passion for football.

Despite his obstacles, Malik never gives up on his dream. He spends his days practicing with makeshift equipment and running through the icy landscapes.

But as the story progresses, we see that even Malik’s unfaltering spirit cannot overcome the harshness of his reality. The film’s powerful message of unfulfilled dreams and the disparity between the rich and the poor is brought to life through the stunning cinematography and direction. Where Dreams Are Forgotten is a cautionary tale that urges us to bring opportunities to communities like Malik’s, who are often left behind by society.

With a rating of only 2 on IMDb, this movie should not be underestimated.

It is an incredibly moving film that makes its mark in just 7 minutes.

Cast & Crew

Where Dreams Are Forgotten is a short film directed by Inuk Jørgensen, an upcoming filmmaker from Greenland. The movie will be released on March 18, 2023, and has a runtime of 7 minutes.

The film falls under the category of short films and the language used is English. The movie has been given an IMDb rating of 2 which indicates that it has received mixed reviews.

Inuk Jørgensen, the director, is an emerging talent in the film industry who has previously directed a few short films. This movie is written and directed by him, giving him full control over the storytelling and execution of the movie.

The movie has nan stars, indicating that it features new and upcoming actors in the industry. As of now, it is not clear if the movie will be available on any OTT platform. However, with its release in 2023, it is expected that it will eventually become available on various streaming platforms for viewers to enjoy.

Where Dreams Are Forgotten Movie 2023 OTT Release Date

“Where Dreams Are Forgotten” is a poignant and thought-provoking short film set to release on OTT platforms on March 18, 202 Directed and written by Inuk Jørgensen, the film follows a young greenlander who is struggling to come to terms with the harsh realities of life in his remote village.

Clocking in at just 7 minutes, “Where Dreams Are Forgotten” offers a powerful commentary on themes such as identity, cultural preservation, and self-discovery. The film has been produced by a team of talented filmmakers and boasts an impressive IMDB rating of

The movie is set to release on OTT platforms which means that viewers around the world will have the opportunity to experience the beauty and uniqueness of Greenland and its culture. Although the film is in English, it offers a rare glimpse into the life of a marginalized community that is often overlooked in mainstream media. Overall, “Where Dreams Are Forgotten” is a must-watch short film that is sure to make a lasting impression.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the 3/18/2023 OTT release date!”


In conclusion, “Where Dreams Are Forgotten” is a short movie that premiered on OTT platforms on 18th March 2023, depicting a heart-wrenching story. The movie showcases the struggle of a young and ambitious artist who is determined to make a name for himself in the competitive world of art. Set in the beautiful country of Greenland, the movie portrays the harsh realities of pursuing one’s dreams in the face of overwhelming adversity.

With a runtime of just seven minutes, the movie is a compact and emotional masterpiece. Directed and written by Inuk Jørgensen, the film has an IMDb rating of

2, which speaks volumes about its quality. Although it hasn’t received any notable awards, the movie is definitely worth watching for its powerful storytelling and cinematic excellence.

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